Hen Party Hair

Hen party theme, check. Party destination, check. Hen party attire, check…but what to do with your hair? Don’t worry, we’ve got some suggestions for you here.

The Perfect Ponytail

Between an up do and flowing locks, the ponytail reins. Keep your hair off your face when you’re dancing, while your perfectly curled tresses bounce behind you.

Perfect Ponytail

Short hair

Short hair can look just as glam and is as versatile as long hair – honest! Braiding short hair doesn’t need to be complicated to look current. Follow these simple steps…

Take a section on one side of your hair close to the front. Braid it normally. Pull it back and secure it to the back of your hair with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side. Pull at the braids to make them appear bigger and messier.

Short hair styling

Victory Rolls Vintage Style

This 1940’s & 50’s hairstyle never goes out of fashion!

Start with a centre parting, put 2 lines of grips to create foundations of the rolls and where you want them to lie. Backcomb the hair to help create volume and then roll up each side and secure. Style your remaining hair as desired.

Victory Rolls

Source: Instagram @manderyo

Flower Crowns

Forget Snapchat’s ‘flower crown’ filter, go for the real thing! This more relaxed approach to hairstyling adds an instant touch of summer whatever the weather!

BoHo Crowns

Glitter roots

This is actually pretty easy to achieve. Just part your hair, put some hair product (we suggest gel) wherever you would like to sparkle and then sprinkle your glitter of choice around the root area – Ta dah! Instant dazzle!

Glitter Roots

Source: Pinterest: Ninja Cosmico

The Ultimate Rainbow Hair!

Social media is awash with girls dyeing their hair in bright and pastel hues. I think it’s fair to say it’s a trend we’ll be seeing for a little while longer.

The only people who can help you pull off the unicorn look below are extremely talented hair colourists, but WOW this picture!

Unicorn Hair

Source: Pinterest iHeartRaves

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