Baby it’s cold outside…

so stay in the warm with our Cosy Hen Night Ideas.

The perfect DIY hen party ideas for brides wanting to keep their hen night low-key.

What better way than a DIY ‘night at the movies’.

It is a thoughtful, hassle free idea which can easily be tailored to you and your guests.

Here is our top 5 list of things you need to do to make your movie night worthy of an

academy award.


Tickets Please

With any event you need to invite your guests and what more fitting way than

with a cinema ticket inspired design. It will add a nostalgic feel and create anticipation for

your evening.

tickets please


The main reason most of us like going to cinema is…you guessed it, Popcorn!

The division between people who like sweet and those who like salted is no

longer an issue. Creating your own ‘Popcorn’ bar allows people to choose their own

toppings, flavours and additional snacks without any fuss. All you need is a table,

containers, spoons/scoops and paper bags for your guests to put their popcorn in.


What Ya Watchin’

Decide on a movie (or perhaps a new Netflix season such as Stranger Things).

This may sound daunting, so why not let your guests decide. Write down your top 3

choices and take a vote; the film with the most votes is the one you watch. Or alternatively

if you know your partner loves a particular film such as Die Hard *yawn*) put that on as a

romantic treat.

what ya watching

Getting Cosy

Us Brits don’t let the cold get to us. Blankets, pillows, even bean bags are

essential to create that comfy, warm atmosphere. Ask your guests to bring their

own cushions with them and if there are kids invited make sure you have enough blankets

around to construct a fun ‘kids only’ den.

getting cosy


Last and most importantly, drinks! This step depends heavily on who your

guests are and what the occasion is etc. However, it is always handy to offer soft drinks as

well as alcoholic drinks.

If you’re aiming for a glam girlie night, set up a ‘cocktail corner’ where your friends

can concoct their own drinks with ease.

Check out our perfect cocktail straws set here >>

If you want to maintain the cosy, autumnal feel Hot Chocolate is the only way forward!

Garnish your hot cocoa with marshmallows, toffee pieces, candy canes and an endless

array of sauces/syrups.

drink up

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