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Hen Party Planning can be a minefield! You’d not be far off thinking you need a PHD in event planning. But fear not, we are here to hold your hand every step of the way.

We start at the beginning, with the basics. Once we’ve nailed those you can explore all the amazing and fun parts to organising a hen party or hen weekend.

It’s such an honour to be asked to plan your bestie’s hen night, but can be daunting all the same. If you follow our hen do planning guide and checklist, you’ll be on the right path and ready to bask in the glory of a hen night well executed.

We call it Hen Party Planning 101.

Now to convince the bride on the bridesmaid dress that made you look smoking hot…

Hen Party Etiquette

This Season’s Hottest Tips Wedding season is fast approaching, and I bet, like me, your calendar is already filling up with Hen Party dates, despite it being the first week of Jan! Hen Parties are […]

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The Contemporary Hen Party

The Hen Party is evolving. While phallic paraphernalia and fluffy boas may not yet be a vision of the past, there is a definite movement toward the more chic and elegant Hen Party. Though this […]

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