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Hen Party Makeup & Beauty is a vast category, but an important one! We all love to see the lasted in makeup and beauty trends, and here we bring them all to you in once place.

From the latest glitter fashions to unusual hair trends, our hen party beauty and makeup blogs are all you need to know to make your hen party the hottest event this year.

Looking to make your hair rainbow coloured, your eyes into the perfect cat eye or try out the latest in glitter face masks? We bring it to you, in one easy to search category.

Hen Party Hair

Hen party theme, check. Party destination, check. Hen party attire, check…but what to do with your hair? Don’t worry, we’ve got some suggestions for you here. The Perfect Ponytail Between an up do and flowing […]

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Love, Honour and Be True

Love, Honour and Be True is a saying that’s synonymous with the special day you’ve been planning for months (years even!), so imagine our delight when we were introduced to a Bridal makeup brand with […]

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