Hen Party Bride Fashion | Hen Party Fashion for Brides

Hen Party Bride Fashion

Hen Party Bride Fashion

As the bride you want all eyes on you, not just on your wedding day but also for your Hen Do.

Of course you may revolve your outfit around the party theme or location, however we have narrowed

down our top 5 bride fashion trends.





We all want to feel like a Princess on our big day despite how much we try not to admit it.

Perhaps you didn’t want to go for the marshmallow vibes with your actual wedding dress, so why not

add a little flair for your Hen party.


Tulle is totally taking over this year. Brands such as Chi Chi London, Maya and even ASOS own label

have some dazzling dresses on offer. Dress it down with a chunky knit cardigan or go the full monty

and wear a tiara to top it off.

Hen Party Bride Fashion


Slogan Tee



Our Pinterest is full of these and quite rightly so!

They’re understated yet fun. Depending on your Hen party activities you can choose between, vests,

t-shirts or even sweatshirts. Our favorite phrases include ‘mimosas made me do it’ and

‘pop the bubbly I’m getting a hubby’.


Shops on Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet also offer personalization services.

You could add the date of the Hen do on the back or have a giggle giving each member of the

bride squad a cheeky nickname.


The Tux


Time to suit up ladies.

There’s something sexy and sophisticated about a woman in a tuxedo;

stars like Angelina Jolie have rocked them on the red carpet, so you can too!

Traditional weddings are overwhelmingly feminine; therefore, a touch of masculinity will surprise

your bride squad.


If you’re not willing to fork out the money on a two-piece and tie, ASOS and PrettyLittleThing

have some fab ‘tux dresses’ so you can still flaunt your pins.


Biker Jacket


Whatever your style there’s a glamorous bridal jacket out there for you;

denim, suede, leather the choice is yours.


Particularly perfect for a boho bride; personalized with hand-drawn calligraphy and flowers,

nothing is Instagram worthy like it.

Not only will this purchase be completely chic for your Hen party,

you can then have it as a keepsake forever to cherish.




You’re a star and it is time to show everyone!

Wearing white is a classic way to standout from your Hens, but why not go one step further and

blind them with sparkles. You can never have enough sequins.


We were completely obsessed with the CarliBybel X MissGuided collection and with January

sales well underway now’s the time to pick up sparkly festive deal.

For more fabulous Hen Party Bride Fashion inspiration, see our matching Pinterest Board >>


Team Hen

Cosy Hen Night Ideas | DIY Movie Night

tickets please

Baby it’s cold outside…

so stay in the warm with our Cosy Hen Night Ideas.

The perfect DIY hen party ideas for brides wanting to keep their hen night low-key.

What better way than a DIY ‘night at the movies’.

It is a thoughtful, hassle free idea which can easily be tailored to you and your guests.

Here is our top 5 list of things you need to do to make your movie night worthy of an

academy award.


Tickets Please

With any event you need to invite your guests and what more fitting way than

with a cinema ticket inspired design. It will add a nostalgic feel and create anticipation for

your evening.

tickets please


The main reason most of us like going to cinema is…you guessed it, Popcorn!

The division between people who like sweet and those who like salted is no

longer an issue. Creating your own ‘Popcorn’ bar allows people to choose their own

toppings, flavours and additional snacks without any fuss. All you need is a table,

containers, spoons/scoops and paper bags for your guests to put their popcorn in.


What Ya Watchin’

Decide on a movie (or perhaps a new Netflix season such as Stranger Things).

This may sound daunting, so why not let your guests decide. Write down your top 3

choices and take a vote; the film with the most votes is the one you watch. Or alternatively

if you know your partner loves a particular film such as Die Hard *yawn*) put that on as a

romantic treat.

what ya watching

Getting Cosy

Us Brits don’t let the cold get to us. Blankets, pillows, even bean bags are

essential to create that comfy, warm atmosphere. Ask your guests to bring their

own cushions with them and if there are kids invited make sure you have enough blankets

around to construct a fun ‘kids only’ den.

getting cosy


Last and most importantly, drinks! This step depends heavily on who your

guests are and what the occasion is etc. However, it is always handy to offer soft drinks as

well as alcoholic drinks.

If you’re aiming for a glam girlie night, set up a ‘cocktail corner’ where your friends

can concoct their own drinks with ease.

Check out our perfect cocktail straws set here >>

If you want to maintain the cosy, autumnal feel Hot Chocolate is the only way forward!

Garnish your hot cocoa with marshmallows, toffee pieces, candy canes and an endless

array of sauces/syrups.

drink up

For more Hen Party Activity Ideas see The Hen Directory

the hen directory

PUMP UP THE FUN | The Best Inflatable Games in the UK


So, you want to plan a Hen Party that’s going to be the best weekend ever!

Great, but how do you make it unforgettable?


Forget a standard day out at a spa or a civilised night at the casino and turn your thoughts to an adrenaline

filled, side-splitting day in the great outdoors instead. Not sure where we’re going with this?

Panic not. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest and best inflatable games from around the UK to help

you plan a weekend everyone will remember for all the right reasons. Yes, even the pour soul who ends

up with the wooden spoon!

Best Inflatable Courses in UK

welsh games

Celebrate everything the home of the dragon has to offer with one of the most hilarious Cardiff activities

around. A few miles away from the city itself, you’ll find the lush green fields that this part of the world is

famous for and, in those lush green fields, you’ll find Welsh Games. If you’re looking for a weekend to

remember we think an afternoon of Sheep Shenanigans is pretty hard to forget but in case that’s not

enough, there’s a whole host of other activities for you to get involved with too.


west country games

If you’re looking for Bristol activities that’ll have your sides splitting and the whole party laughing ‘til the

cows come home then you’d better head for an afternoon at the West Country Games farm.

Whack, wobble and weave your way through a series of challenges that celebrate the cider capital of the

world. Planning a weekend through the winter? All the fun of the farm moves indoors through the winter

months to make sure you’re not left out in the cold. Gert lush!

best inflatable courses in uk


Get ready to race to the finish line with the biggest 5k obstacle race in the world. The game makers run

various events throughout the summer months and visit some of the most popular stag and hen weekend

locations in the UK. Why not see if they’re visiting you on the bride or groom’s last weekend of freedom?

You better be quick though, last one home is picking up the bar tab. Quick, go!



Taking the soon-to-be betrothed to Birmingham for their stag or hen? Make sure you pay a visit to the

Inflatable Knockout Games.  With eight obstacles to pit your wits against, it’s guaranteed to leave you

laughing all the way to the wedding. After all, it’s not every day you get to bounce across a field on a giant



Giant inflatables, foam, slides, swings, water obstacles and a few real-life Gladiators thrown in for good

measure? (Note: Russell Crowe not included.) What’s not to love? Gauntlet Games runs for three

weekends through the summer months, visiting Cardiff, Brighton and Manchester. Not just an obstacle

course, there’s also a variety of other activities, food and drink and a party zone too.

Whatever you’ve got planned, make your weekend truly unforgettable (for all the right reasons!) with an

action-packed afternoon of inflatable games. It’s the perfect day out for anyone who prefers adrenaline

to afternoon tea and it’s guaranteed to leave everybody belly laughing too. The best bit? Most courses

are suitable for all abilities so the whole party can get involved.

Not even Usain Bolt is guaranteed a win once he’s donned a sumo suit!

The hardest? Deciding which one you’re going to visit, of course!

Hen Party Entertainment | Cheeky Fun

Hen party entertainment is key when planning any hen night.

The right act can make or break your event!

Here are some top tips for getting it right…


Plan Early


Organisation is key when planning your entertainment, so getting everything done early is a must.

It’s not a surprise that good entertainers book up quickly, so to avoid disappointment by finding out

that your perfect entertainer unavailable, book early to ensure their availability. Once you know the exact

type of entertainment you will be having, you will need to plan around it. So, it’s worth bearing in mind that

the setup of the room will vary, depending on the performer.

Know Your Budget


To ensure that you are looking at entertainers within your budget, know your budget before you start to

contact them! Obviously, what you can afford will dictate the quality of the entertainer and the price for a

professional performer will depend on their experience and reputation. You also must consider that cost

can depend on the date, location and size of your show.

The best way to determine your budget is to put it into perspective, for example determine your

per-person cost for entertainment. Let’s face it, it’s probably worth having a higher budget on

entertainment than say, food. Quality entertainment will create a lively atmosphere and make an

enduring impression, whereas expensive food and drinks will soon be forgotten by your guests.

The fun that your guests have at your event will create long lasting memories, long after the glitter has


Experience Counts


An entertainer that has a wide range of experience in events will be best to amuse your audience!

When choosing the perfect person for your event, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and have a good

look at reviews to ensure your potential performer is reputable! Having an entertainer with experience is

absolutely essential and you really can’t take a risk on your bestie’s Hen Party!

Suits You Sir…


One of the most important things is to make sure that your entertainer is a specialist who knows the needs

and expectations of the environment you want to create. Your entertainer must also be suitable.

For example, hiring a magician that usually works at child birthday parties isn’t an acceptable choice for

a typical corporate conference.

You could have a comedy act, as they are great entertainers and will get all of your guests laughing,

some can even incorporate magic.

Naked Butlers are ideal entertainment if you want to add some much needed cheekiness to your event.

‘Butlers with Bums’ will be on hand to meet and greet your guests, serve your food and drinks and of

course bring that much needed eye candy.

It really is essential to ensure that the content of your entertainer is appropriate,

no matter what type of act you choose. Therefore, it is always best to communicate with them.


Now You See Me…


It is best to either see the act in person before you hire them or watch a demo video that they have

created! Their demo video should be a montage of clips of your potential performer(s), as well as

videos of the audience’s reactions. You will therefore be able to judge whether they are the best fit for

your event. If an entertainer cannot provide you with a demo video or you haven’t personally seen them

live, do not hire them! This may mean they’re not a professional and probably won’t do your event justice!

Know Your Audience…


Primarily, your event needs to attract and excite your target audience! So something to keep in mind

is what does your audience (the Bride!) really want?

For more information on where to hire your very own naked butlers, see Butlers with Bums!

Hen Party Halloween Ideas | Cute Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween is finally here!

After scrolling through our Instagram and Pinterest feed it has come to our attention that ‘scary’

is old news, so we’ve narrowed down our favorite adorable designs;


Unicorn Pumpkin

This ‘no carve’ alternative is perfect if you don’t fancy your child wielding a carving knife!

The colour options are endless and honestly this design would look fabulous in your house or garden

all year round.


Emoji Pumpkin

Unfortunately, ‘no carve’ pumpkins mean you cannot have a tea light sitting inside them when it gets dark.

However, these fun emoji face pumpkins are the best of both worlds.


Donut Pumpkin

Halloween is all about treats, so this sweet tooth pumpkin inspiration is faultless.

This design looks particularly realistic if you use miniature pumpkins!

The most common variety is ‘Jack Be Little’ so keep an eye out at your local supermarket.


Holey Pumpkin

This intricate design technique will WOW your Halloween party guests.

Distribute holes all over the pumpkin or even spell out a word/phrase.

Note: this involves using a power tool so is not child friendly.


The Black Cat Pumpkin

Admittedly, this is more of a complex design but the finished result is totally worth it.

If you want a tall elegant cat, you may need to go to a local pumpkin farm or farmers market.

Supermarkets only tend to sell traditional round shaped pumpkins (which will still work if

you want a chubby, curled up cat).

Happy Halloween Y’all!

Photo Credits:

Confetti Idea.CH

Bespoke Bride

Studio DIY

Design Love Fest


Hen Party Hair Trends | Icy Blonde for Winter

Icy Blonde for Winter

Hen Party Hair Trends

Icy Blonde for Winter


We’ve all heard of the expression, a woman about to change her hair colour is about to change her life.

We must admit, the amount of celebrities daring to go platinum has tempted us!


However, it’s important to remember A-listers can fly to the world’s best colourists in order to maintain

their colour or roots.

Getting a block colour, as opposed to mulit-tonal highlights will mean booking salon appointments

every 3-4 weeks for touch ups. Which is not only costly, but is highly unpractical in the long run!


Oh well, it’s okay to dream! Here are our favourite recent hair transformations…

Icy Blonde for Winter

Emilia Clarke


The worlds’ Game of Thrones obsession is without doubt one of the reasons bleach blonde hair

has become prevalent. This September even Daenerys Targaryen herself (actress Emilia Clarke) has

taken the plunge after being a brunette for years.


Icy Blonde for Winter

Frankie Bridge


Yes, we’ve always secretly wanted to be a member of the fabulous girl band The Saturdays.

Recently Frankie made us envy her even more by going to the bright side.

She looks like a real life Tinkerbelle!

Icy Blonde for Winter

Solange Knowles


The singer, songwriter debuted her newest hair do at New York fashion week.

Proving bleach blonde hair can be slayed by dark skin tones too.

Icy Blonde for Winter

Louisa Johnson


A slightly easier transformation for the singer who has always coveted blonde highlights.

However, she has now gone the full monty allowing her to shine even brighter on stage.

Icy Blonde for Winter

Kim Kardashian West


Kim is well known for rolling with the trends, and this particular icy shade of blonde suites

Mrs West beautifully.

She pulls off the grey tones, without a hint of grandma.



For more gorgeous winter hair ideas see our Pinteret board for Winter Hair Trends

Everything you need to know about Edible Flowers

Everything you need to know about Edible Flowers

Aiming for a rustic, boho chic wedding? Or perhaps want an au-natural baby shower?

Well this latest trend will achieve that and more.

You have undoubtedly seen the rise of edible flowers on your Instagram feeds.

From the likes of Cupcake Jemma, Bee’s Bakery and Lily Vanilli. I’m sure you have had the same questions running through your minds as us. What do petals even taste like? How do I not end up poisoning myself?

Team Hen to the rescue! We’ve done our homework and unleashed our inner Alan Titchmarsh. This blog is full of floral inspiration for you and handy tips in order for you to try this modern phenomenon at home.

How to know which flowers are edible

Staying away from certain plants was initially our main concern and unless you’re a flower expert I would not chance using certain plants without consulting a reputable source.

In the UK our most trusted and available source is the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

The following link states what flowers you can use from your garden and vegetable patch. https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?PID=764

It is also worth considering where you collect you flowers from.

Ideally we would recommend using ones from your OWN garden.

This way you know what chemicals/pesticides have been used on or near the flowers.

What do flowers and petals taste like?

Truthfully wild flowers don’t taste of much. Yes, plant species such as Lavender and Rose may add a subtle flavour and aroma to food, however their main purpose is to look super pretty!

Crystallising your flowers and petals not only helps preserve their beauty but also makes them taste sweet which is perfect for cake decorating.

Our fave, Cupcake Jemma has a full YouTube tutorial on DIY flower crystallising. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZrSsvVAoiE

How to use edible flowers

Predominantly crystallised flowers are used for cake decoration.

Semi-naked cakes and edible flowers go hand in hand as the perfect showstopper on your big day.

Stunning edible flower naked wedding cake from http://www.theorganicweddingcakecompany.com  

You can also freeze your edible flowers in the most beautiful ways…

Brighten up your beverages with flower infused ice cubes!

A simple touch of class, perfect for a baby or bridal shower.

Additionally, for a spring or summer celebration you could make floral infused ice lollies.

They are relatively low cost and easy to make, and will inevitably go down a storm with children at your event!

How to grow wild edible flowers

Has this blog inspired you? If you don’t have suitable flowers in your garden, there is no need to be put off! Visit https://www.growwilduk.com  for tips and videos on how to establish you own wild flower garden.

See our Pinterest Board on all things Edible Flowers for more inspiration! >>



Photo Credits:

  • http://beesbakery.co.uk/wedding-cake-weddingcake-flowercake-birthdaycake-birthday-londonwedding/#!
  • https://www.rachelhudsoncakes.co.uk/botanical?lightbox=dataItem-iuwuxqw7
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Gifts For Your Groom | Handsome Gifts for your Gorgeous Groom

Gentlemen's Hip Flask

Gifts For Your Groom

Handsome Gifts for your Gorgeous Groom

Wedding Day gifts are a lovely tradition, and we felt the husbands to be shouldn’t be left out.

We’ve curated a handsome gift set for your dapper chap, to present him on your wedding day.

Hair of the Dog

Hip Flask is to calm the nerves


Gentlemen's Hip Flask

The Gents Jotter

…for those all important wedding speech notes

Groom Gift Set

Keep the Change

Ceramic dish is for your wedding cufflinks and watch
 Groom Wedding Day Card

To My Groom

Monochrome card finishes the set off beautifully,

and makes the perfect gift for your Groom.

All these and more available now >>

Important Things to Remember on a Hen Night

important things to remember on a hen night

Going on a hen party is exciting.

You and your friends have organised what is sure to be an amazing event, but there are some important

things to remember on a hen night!

We’ve covered the basics to make sure your hen party goes with a bang and not a whimper…

important things to remember on a hen night



Few hen parties would be complete without the occasional prop. This might be moustaches on sticks or

something completely different. It is best if it is something the bride finds funny as this is her night after all.

However, getting one for each member of the group will help the night feel much better and more together.

Plus they are funny and only get funnier as the night goes along. It is worth bringing things that you do not

mind getting lost, too.




There is bound to be a lot of drink, but that doesn’t mean you should forget to eat. If you don’t eat, then

you are going to get drunk very quickly, and that might mean an early end to the night! If you have not got a

dinner organised, then you need to remember to eat before going out. It can sometimes be worth getting

some snacks like crisps or peanuts to nibble on through the night. You will be thankful you ate during your

hen night the later it gets, and you will definitely feel better in the morning if you do!

important things to remember on a hen night

Phone and Charger


Bringing your phone is a great way to keep track of the evening and take pictures, too.

Your phone is useful in case you get separated from the group and need to call them. There is nothing worse

than having your phone run out of battery when you need it most, so you should bring a charger with you

too. If you have one of those battery packs, then fully charging and bringing that is even better. You don’t

want to miss out on taking some brilliant pictures because your battery has died!

important things to remember on a hen night

Engagement Ring


The bride needs to be wearing her engagement ring.

This way she can show it off to everyone you meet. Doing so is likely to result in congratulations maybe

even the occasional free drink. You will want to keep an eye on it though because the last thing you want is

for it to go missing during the night. The Bride would be mortified if she woke up the next morning without

it on their finger. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Jaubalet diamond engagement ring or something completely

different, it means more to her than just being a piece of jewellery. Keep an eye on her and her ring!

important things to remember on a hen night

Flat Shoes


Flat shoes are a must. You don’t want to be stumbling around in high heels at 2 am.

Having some flat shoes will help during the walk home or when still out late into the night. The smaller they

are, the better since you need to carry them around all evening, so pumps or other slip-on shoes are

probably best. Your feet will thank you for it the next day!



important things to remember on a hen night

Dress Code


Every Hen Night needs some sort of dress code. This doesn’t have to involve fancy dress, but everyone

should be wearing something that ties them to the hen party. This might be t-shirts with the brides face on,

or as simple as a colour that everyone needs to wear. Often the Bride might wear a different colour, such as

white in order to stand out from the group. 


Ear Plugs


It is incredibly boring and practical, but you should bring some ear plugs. In group accommodation its likely

you’ll be sharing a room, with friends or maybe even people you’ve never met! Using ear plugs will mean

you get a good nights sleep and are up for more celebrations the next day. There is nothing worse than a

sleepless night next to a snorer!


Beauty & the Beast Inspired Hen Party

Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & The Beast Inspired Hen Party

It’s a tale as old as time…

With the beautiful new remake hitting the big screen, we thought a Beauty & The Beast inspired Hen Party would be the perfect theme for any Disney fans out there.

This theme can be as subtle as a yellow and blue dress code, or a discreet rose inspired pin.

If you fancy incorporating a bit more Belle into your ball, we have some stylish suggestions…

Beauty & The Beast Afternoon TeaBe Our Guest

If you are lucky enough to get a cancellation, The Kensington Hotel in central London are doing a Beauty & Beast themed afternoon tea.

The various sweets and savouries featured in this whimsical afternoon tea are inspired by the characters and scenes of the film. Highlights include Vanilla & Gold Jelly, presented in shot glasses with the ever-symbolic rose petal immersed inside, served with cream poured from Mrs. Potts spout.

Beauty & The Beast Nail ArtBelle Nails

Nail Art seems to know no bounds, with the most intricate of details adorning the tiniest nails.

These striking yellow nails with the dainty rose are the perfect nod to Belle.

If yellow nails aren’t your thing, an electric blue would work just as well.

If intricate nail art is a bit beyond your capabilities, use a nail tattoo transfer instead.

Beauty and the Beast Decorations


A simple red rose in a gold chair tie will set the scene for your beauty inspired hen party.

You can also use silhouette style garlands, and confetti to add a real touch of Beauty.

Belle MakeupMakeup

Primark have launched a range of make-up dedicated to all things Belle, and we are loving it!

Enchanted RoseJewellery

If you’re looking for a Beauty inspired gift for the Bride to Be, then look no further than this stunning gold plated Enchanted Rose necklace by Disney Couture.

You can also find a range of beautiful handmade jewellery on ETSY.

Belle Hair

Beautiful Hairstyles

If the original half up/half down hair style with yellow ribbon is a bit too much, consider a more modern alternative like this bow up-do.

You may need your ‘maids to practice this one if you’re intent on rocking the Belle look for your big night out.

You’ll need plenty of hair grips and hairspray!

Enchanted Rose Cupcakes

 Enchanted Rose Cupcakes

These enchanted rose cupcakes are the most beautiful centrepiece for any Beauty and the Beast themed event.

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate this theme into your event; from stained glass decorated sugar cookies, to enchanted rose cake pops.

If your inner ‘star baker’ fails you, why not decorate a shop bought cupcake with edible rose petals.

Enchanted Rose Pin

Flair Game

If pins and patches are your thing, then you must get this stunning enchanted rose pin from Cool Queen Collective. It is the perfect accessory for any Belle obsessed Bride.

For more Beauty & The Beast Hen Party inspiration, check our our Pinterest Board

Beauty & The beast Themed Hen Party