Hen Party Games

Our Hen Party games – small enough to fit in the teensiest of clutches but mighty enough to get your Hen Party going!

Our Icebreaker will get all your friends talking, and once your future Mother in Law has acted out something from our XXX Charades, you’ll get on like a house on fire!

We do realise that not everyone is up for the XXX version of our games, and so both Charades and Pictionary come in ‘clean’ and ‘XXX’ versions, with the option of the mixed pack as well, if you’re after a game for your best friend AND your Mum to play!

We reckon our Taboo set is the perfect game to pull out and play when you’ve not got the room to move around – on a train or whilst you’re waiting for your first round of cocktails maybe?

We also have a selection of free downloadable games if you want more! We reckon these would be fab slipped in our goody bags for an extra competitive layer!

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