Butlers in the Buff – The must have hen party accessory!

So you’re organising a hen party and want to make it special. Be fun, exciting and maybe a little cheeky. Be memorable for the Bride and ALL invited, whilst not giving her grandmother a small heart attack? With so many hen party ideas to think about, let Butlers in the Buff help you out. Specialists in the supply of scantily clad hunky Butlers to lend a helping hand at any Hen Party across the country!

Butlers in the Buff is the original and best naked Butler Company, supplying charming, attractive men all over the UK & Ireland as well as around the Globe. Butlers in the Buff created the whole naked butler industry fourteen years ago. So nobody does it better!

The Butlers come in the form of toned heavenly physiques, wearing only a white collar and black bow-tie, white cuffs and a teeny tiny apron…which doesn’t quite cover their bottoms. Not only are they handsome, easy on the eye kinds of guys; they are sophisticated, professional and know how to have fun. These butlers have the whole package and can transform any hen party into an unforgettable occasion which will be talked about for months to come. 

What a Butler in the Buff can do for you… 

A popular Butlers in the Buff hen party idea is to firstly, surprise the bride-to-be with one or two gorgeous and charming Butlers for a couple of hours. There is something about having a handsome man in not a lot of clothes serving you whatever your heart desires that turns any self-respecting woman into a giggling girl! He is there to work, but how hard depends on you. He can serve drinks upon arrival and throughout the evening, take coats or serve nibbles and put food in the oven for you and your hens.

Mix cocktails…  

Hen parties and cocktails go hand in hand and are even better when mixed by a hunky man and served to you whilst sit back and enjoy the view! Another good hen party idea is to provide your Butler with ingredients and a recipe and he can mix up any drink for you and your hen party. Butlers in the Buff even offer an All Inclusive Cocktail Package, which includes a professional bartender to mix up to four cocktails per guest as well as the Butler in the Buff to serve at your convenience.

Party games…

Or book two butlers… Whilst one Butler is mixing cocktails in the kitchen, why not have a second helping with your hen party games. Party games great hen party idea and can be downloaded from the Butlers in the Buff website your butler can help by; coordinating teams, reading instructions or handing out materials. The butlers are great at getting the whole hen party involved, from the loud ones to the shy and more reluctant of the group, and are experts at making everyone feel comfortable. Hen party games are also a great photo opportunity to show the bride in a few years, and don’t worry about the mess, the Butler will even tidy up – they’re well trained!

Fetch and carry…

Butlers in the Buff take away the stress and strain of being the ‘hostess’ for the evening. No more worrying if everyone is having fun, topping glasses up only to forget about your own and burning the tear ‘n’ share bread because the crisps and dip bowls were empty. With a Butler in the Buff on hand, you can sit back, relax, take that freshly made cocktail and enjoy the party yourself. You don’t have to be having a big night out to get a Butler involved with your hen party ideas. If you’re planning a night-in with the girls; food, wine, blankets and chatter, a Butler can still be of use to wait on you hand and foot.

To ensure your hen party has that extra bit of sparkle, book a Butler in the Buff, no matter where you are or what you’re planning, they can lend an attractive helping hand.

By Butlers in the Buff – The Original and Best Naked Butler Company. 




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