Important Things to Remember on a Hen Night

important things to remember on a hen night

Going on a hen party is exciting.

You and your friends have organised what is sure to be an amazing event, but there are some important

things to remember on a hen night!

We’ve covered the basics to make sure your hen party goes with a bang and not a whimper…

important things to remember on a hen night



Few hen parties would be complete without the occasional prop. This might be moustaches on sticks or

something completely different. It is best if it is something the bride finds funny as this is her night after all.

However, getting one for each member of the group will help the night feel much better and more together.

Plus they are funny and only get funnier as the night goes along. It is worth bringing things that you do not

mind getting lost, too.




There is bound to be a lot of drink, but that doesn’t mean you should forget to eat. If you don’t eat, then

you are going to get drunk very quickly, and that might mean an early end to the night! If you have not got a

dinner organised, then you need to remember to eat before going out. It can sometimes be worth getting

some snacks like crisps or peanuts to nibble on through the night. You will be thankful you ate during your

hen night the later it gets, and you will definitely feel better in the morning if you do!

important things to remember on a hen night

Phone and Charger


Bringing your phone is a great way to keep track of the evening and take pictures, too.

Your phone is useful in case you get separated from the group and need to call them. There is nothing worse

than having your phone run out of battery when you need it most, so you should bring a charger with you

too. If you have one of those battery packs, then fully charging and bringing that is even better. You don’t

want to miss out on taking some brilliant pictures because your battery has died!

important things to remember on a hen night

Engagement Ring


The bride needs to be wearing her engagement ring.

This way she can show it off to everyone you meet. Doing so is likely to result in congratulations maybe

even the occasional free drink. You will want to keep an eye on it though because the last thing you want is

for it to go missing during the night. The Bride would be mortified if she woke up the next morning without

it on their finger. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Jaubalet diamond engagement ring or something completely

different, it means more to her than just being a piece of jewellery. Keep an eye on her and her ring!

important things to remember on a hen night

Flat Shoes


Flat shoes are a must. You don’t want to be stumbling around in high heels at 2 am.

Having some flat shoes will help during the walk home or when still out late into the night. The smaller they

are, the better since you need to carry them around all evening, so pumps or other slip-on shoes are

probably best. Your feet will thank you for it the next day!



important things to remember on a hen night

Dress Code


Every Hen Night needs some sort of dress code. This doesn’t have to involve fancy dress, but everyone

should be wearing something that ties them to the hen party. This might be t-shirts with the brides face on,

or as simple as a colour that everyone needs to wear. Often the Bride might wear a different colour, such as

white in order to stand out from the group. 


Ear Plugs


It is incredibly boring and practical, but you should bring some ear plugs. In group accommodation its likely

you’ll be sharing a room, with friends or maybe even people you’ve never met! Using ear plugs will mean

you get a good nights sleep and are up for more celebrations the next day. There is nothing worse than a

sleepless night next to a snorer!


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