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Throwing or helping with a hen party is a big responsibility, but it’s also your chance to do something unique or special.

There are plenty of standard ideas for these kinds of party – and truthfully we’d support most of them. But every now and then, for the right bride, it’s fun to think outside the box and choose a less typical hen party concept. These are a few that might help get you thinking.



Party With Perfume

If you haven’t heard of a perfume party, this might sound like all kinds of awful. That is to say, you might imagine some ridiculous scenario in which you and your girlfriends are simply exchanging and trying perfume until the venue smells like a Sephora (which is to say, it’s clogging your lungs with a whirlwind of individually pleasant but collectively oppressive scents). This isn’t the idea at all, fortunately. Rather, we’re talking about a growing trend toward home perfume party kits that actually give you and your friends the tools to make your own perfumes (you know, like the celebrities!). In some cases there are also places you can go to enjoy these kits with a few more options at an established venue. Whatever the case it’s a fun, undeniably “girly” activity that you can all embrace lightheartedly while you chat and perhaps enjoy a few cocktails. And who knows, you might even manage to make a great perfume!


Try An Escape Room

“Escape Rooms” are becoming very popular in cities all around the world. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s basically that you and some friends will be “locked” into a room for a set amount of time, and you’ll have to find clues around the room that gradually lead to getting out. Some are more complicated than others, and different rooms have different themes. But broadly speaking, some are calling this the best team-building activity in the world. For this reason a lot of companies and offices are incorporating Escape Room activities. However, it’s also a great activity among girlfriends. It forces you to work together, challenges you, and makes you laugh all at once – and it gives you a ton of stuff to talk about besides the usual gossip when you transition to a nice, long dinner afterwards!



Go Glamping

Glamping is a little more self-explanatory. Basically, it’s luxurious camping, and while it’s a little bit ridiculous, it’s perfectly unique, perfectly indulgent, and genuinely a great time. People go about it in a lot of different ways and it can actually be fairly expensive, but if you read up on tips for glamping – such as how to light up the area, tips for extra comfort, etc. – you can set up the trip just the way you (and the bride) would like it. This might be the best option for an extended party that really amounts to more of a weekend away.


Host A Poker Night

There’s a horrible misconception out there that poker is a men’s activity. It may be true (we have no idea, frankly) that men make up the majority of poker players – at least on television and in films. But then hey, you may have noticed one of the biggest films in Hollywood toward the end of 2017 was Molly’s Game, a true story about a woman who developed an expertise and ran high level games for celebrity players. Regardless, a festive home poker night is a great way to facilitate conversation and generally have a great evening. Plus, it can be surprisingly intricate as a party if you take the time to plan it out in advance. You’ll want to decide upon and cultivate an atmosphere, organise games and betting (even if you aren’t using real money), and have food and drink on hand. With everything set up properly it can turn into a wonderful girls’ night in.


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